MAC Cosmetics Collectors

Sharing the MAC promo love!

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A community devoted to MAC Cosmetics collectible items -- postcards, shirts, posters, jewelry, etc.

Do you obsess over MAC Cosmetics collectibles? Snatch up postcards, displays, shirts, and anything else you can find? This community is a haven for those who don't just wear the make-up... we collect gorgeous promotional and advertising items from MAC wherever we can find them!

Post pictures and info about your collection! Scan in your postcards! Obsess over the gorgeous promos from upcoming collections! List collectibles you have to swap, or want to find! Share your MAC collectible love!

This community is open to anyone who loves MAC collectibles.

The Rules:

  • Be respectful and courteous to other members. No drama.

  • Keep it on-topic about MAC collectibles. If you're looking for a general community about MAC makeup and looks, try mac_addicts or mac_cosmetics. If you're looking for a community dedicated to buying, selling, and swapping MAC makeup, try macsaleswap.

  • Please be considerate when it comes to promoting this community in other journals. Feel free to promote, and to use the banner, but don't violate the rules of other communities with promotional posts.

  • Please put large images or lists behind an lj-cut.

  • In sales and swaps, please be honest and careful. The maintainers of this community are not responsible for bad transactions.

That's it! Join, post, and enjoy!