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18 January 2013 @ 06:36 pm
Sizeable list of postcards - make an offer!  
Hey all, I thought I'd try posting my postcard/promo list though it doesn't seem like this comm has been too active... anyway, I'm taking offers on any individual cards or any size of lot, TAKE THEM ALL!! I'd really like to pass these along to someone who will appreciate them.

Styleseeker mailer booklet
Cult of Cherry foldout mailer
False Lashes mailer
Fashion Sets mailer booklet
Naturally foldout mailer
Opulash mailer card
Double Dazzle foldout mailer
Culturebloom horizontal
Passions of Red Holiday 2008 mailer booklet
Untamed poster (no cd)
Color Forms foldout
Strange Hybrid postcard
Untamed postcard
Lure vertical postcard
Antiquitease postcard
Originals red contest card
Black Thank You card
Black MAC logo card
white and gold Antiquitease holiday invite