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15 November 2013 @ 12:51 am

- Paypal only.
- Feedback under cattyinpink on MUA and ebay - over 440 positive combined, no neutral/negative.
- $10 minimum before shipping costs are added.
- Postcards will be sandwiched between 2 pieces of cardboard to prevent bending.
- Will ship internationally. Shipping within the USA will include DC.
- Shipping starts at $3 (up to 10 postcards) and will depend on weight if you purchase more than 10.
- No trades, but PLEASE MAKE OFFERS if you don't like my prices. (I've been out of the postcard selling/buying loop for a while so I don't know how much pricing has fluctuated.)

**I can take photos of any postcards you're interested in. Please inquire if interested and I can email/text them!**

Square Postcards:
Brow Wow $8
Cream Colour $8
Sparkle in a Jar $12
Viva Glam spelled out in people wearing black... KD Lang/RuPaul $12
Viva Glam II KD Lang inside heart of flowers with a kiss on her cheek $12

4x6 Postcards:
Amplified $25
Aquadisiac $2
Be Seen $2
Bollywood Cowboy $10
Bronz-ploitation (products) $15
Colour Scheme $10
Essences of MAC $50
Go Lightly $2
Haute Voltage $4
Haute Voltage double face $4
Holidazzle $2
Hyper Real Foundation $15
In Mode abstract face $10
Lustre Lips horizontal $8
Lustre Lust $25
Pro Performance Tested $8
Pure $20
Sleek Chic $5
Snow Girl facing left (glitter overlay is starting to peel) $5
Snow Girl facing right (glitter overlay is starting to peel) $10
Studio Talk $8
Viva Glam Mary J Blige & Lil Kim in white $5
Viva Glam IV Shirley/Elton/Mary black & white $5
VIva Glam IV Shirley/Elton/Mary in red $5
Viva Glam IV Shirley/Elton/Mary black & white close up $5
VIva Glam IV Shirley/Elton/Mary in red close up $5
Viva le Rouge - Orlando/Club Paris $10

Textured 4x6 Postcards:
$4 each or take the set for $20

5x7 Postcards:
A Rose Romance $3
Aquadisiac with fish overlay $30
Baby Bloom $8
Barbie Loves MAC (with the models) $15
Barbie Loves MAC (pink silhouette with back background) $2
Be Seen $2
Beauty Icon 3 - Catherine Deneuve $2
Brow Shaping $4
Browse $4
Cleanse Off Oil (face) $4
Colour Ready $3
Cremesticks $5
Cult of Cherry bi-fold (Asia) $5
Cult of Cherry tri-fold (Australia) $8
D'Bohemia $2
Dame Edna tri-fold (Thailand) $5
Emanuel Ungaro $3
Face Charts (features looks from Culturebloom, Buds and Blossoms, Freshly Planted, Flowerosophy) $5
Fluidline $2
Foundation Try-On Pacs $4
Go Lightly (bent/creased) free with purchase of 5 or more postcards - just ask!
Hello Kitty tri-fold $5
Hipnotique (with swirls) $5
Holidazzle $3
Idol Eyes $3
In Mode face $5
Lightful bi-fold (Ultracharge/Ultramoisture) $10
Lillyland $10
Lingerie $2
Lure $2
Lustreful $25
Lustrelong $10
Lustrevision $10
Matte 2 $3
Metal X $5
Mineralize (girl with the rock rings on... with the 1/3 page 4-fold on the right) $4
N collection postcard with tri-fold sheer overlay thing $4
N collection bi-fold $4
Naturally Eccentric horizontal $3
Naturally Eccentric vertical $3
Nocturnelle $8
Originals "Are you a MAC original?"
Outloud $10
Peacocky $4
Plushglass horizontal $4
Plushlash $3
Primed for Perfection $8
Products (features Blushcreme Pearl, Eye Kohl, Eye Shadow, Lustreglass, Cremestick Liner, Lipstick) $5
Products bi-fold (features Cleanse Off Oil, Strobe Cream, Lip Conditioner SPF 15, Wipes, Fix+) (Asia) $5
Sheer Minerals (Thailand) $5
Slim Shine $3
Star Flash $3
Sundressing $2
Sweetie Cake $3
Tease Me... Tempt Me... (both models on one) $5
Technique $3
Textures $3
Untamed horizontal $5
Untamed vertical $3
Upstarts $5
Zoom Lash $30

All Ages, All Races, All Sexes bi-fold $2
Antiquitease bi-fold invite $3
Antiquitease booklet $5
Barbie Loves MAC compact mailer invite w/envelope $5
Colour Ready bi-fold mailer $5
Cuisine long postcard with partial face and lipsticks on toothpick (Canada) $15
Cult of Cherry Denver CO invite w/envelope (5x7 when folded, but folds out into a 10x13.25 poster) $10
Culture Bloom sheer invite (Canada) $10
Culturebloom mailer w/envelope and promotional disc $10
Double Dazzle bi-fold $8
Face booklet mailer (features Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15, Studio Touch Up Stick, Blot Powder/Loose) $5
Fall 2006 mailer w/envelope (features Untamed, Rockocco, Studio Mists) (Europe) $5
Fall 2007 booklet (features Matte 2, Plush Lash, Mattene) $5
Glitter and Ice oversized mailer $15
Holiday 2005 mailer w/envelope $5
Holiday 2006 invite $5
In Mode mini spiral notebook with blank face charts $8
MACouture mailer w/envelope $25
Naturally Eccentric foldout $5
Novel Twist foldout $5
Ornamentalism tri-fold invite (Asia) $8
Ornamentalism tri-fold invite (USA) $8
Pick Four mailer $5
Points of View mailer $5
Red She Said invite postcard $5
Shop/Cook poster & menu/coupon poster (5x7 when folded, 10x14 unfolded) $10
Smoke Signals matchbook $5
Spring Colour Forecast set of 4 postcards with envelope $5
Strange Hybrid trifold w/envelope $10
Summer 2005 booklet mailer w/envelope (features Belle Azure, Sunshrine, Lady Sol) $15
Summer 2007 booklet mailer (featuring Slimshine, Moonbathe, Sunstrip) $10
Summer 2008 booklet mailer (featuring Neo Sci-Fi, Solar Field, Future Earth) $5
Sundressing cardboard coaster $5
Tailormade square foldout $5
Viva Glam Gaga/Cyndi stickers $4
Viva Glam Nicki/Ricky poster (5x7 when folded, 10x14 unfolded) $8